Orbit Workflow

Key benefits of Workflow

  • Empower employees, customers, and business partners to participate in your workflow processes over the Internet or intranet
  • Save time and money by automating business processes using the Web
  • Reduce development via rapid workflow application development
  • Accommodate every business need with flexible workflow design
  • Integrate with e-commerce, accounting, and other applications using XML
  • Prevent tasks from getting lost with pro-active workflow control
  • Access workflow from nearly anywhere using a standard browser technology
  • Receive instant feedback by monitoring workflow processes
  • Reduce manual intervention with powerful exceptions handling
  • Improve process efficiency using metrics from Web-based workflow reports
  • Protect your data with transactional security and process integrity
  • Business Process Improvement is achieved by focusing on business processes leads to their streamlining and simplification


Key features of Workflow

  • Tap into your databases using a seamless database interface
  • Use the Process documentation features to document your workflow application. Specify the sequence in which the steps are performed, in series or parallel
  • The Browser client displays a powerful, configurable, and easy-to-use task list, that highlights late tasks. Notify supervisors of overdue tasks as the system is aware of reporting relationships
  • Remotely monitor the status of any workflow process using a graphical interface
  • Generate Web-based reports to measure and improve business processes
  • Monitor the workload for each user, and re-assign tasks to other users as necessary
  • Easily attach documents, files, or images for routing with the workflow.
  • Use your existing mail system for proactive notification of workflow tasks
  • Produce reports can be exported to MS Office products
  • Ability to send GSM SMS messages as required
  • Comprehensive audit trail functionality


Advantages of Workflow

  1. IMPROVED EFFICIENCY: automation of many business processes results in the elimination of many unnecessary steps
  2. BETTER PROCESS CONTROL: Improved management of business processes achieved through standardized working methods and the availability of audit trails
  3. IMPROVED CUSTOMER SERVICE: Consistency in the processes leads to greater predictability in levels of response to customers
  4. FLEXIBILITY: software control over processes enables their re-design in line with changing business needs


General Approach Summary

To achieve sustainable business improvement, organizations need to orchestrate their People, Process, and Technology resources to ensure that they weave them into a continuous improvement drive to move from fragmented to integrated procedures

By continuously monitoring and assessing the organization’s markets and their corresponding clients, processes can be integrated and managed to ensure the execution of the organization’s strategy. Ensuring that all legislation and governing principles are adhered to, the alignment of processes will either be executed and/or supported by aligning the technology and people that will guarantee the realization of the organization’s strategic goals and targets, structured to serve their identified markets.

RQTech strength lies in aligning People, Processes, and Technology in such a manner that it is structured to execute an organization’s strategy and achieve the corresponding goals. The alignment of People ensures that all aspects of change management, skills transfer, and emotional acceptance are achieved during the execution of processes. The alignment of Processes ensures that the business processes support the strategic objectives of the business. Lastly, the alignment of Technology ensures that the technology supports the strategically aligned business processes. We believe that ultimate sustainable success can only be achieved by considering all three dimensions together. Rqtech uses some of the world-class Business Process methodologies, which are in line with some of the best-of-breed quality and improvement methodologies such as ‘Six Sigma’, ‘Lean Engineering’ and ‘Theory of Constraints’.


“Start Small, Think BIG, Scale Fast”

RQTech is flexible and adaptable and can align itself to market demands efficiently. We do this by starting small, keeping the bigger picture in mind as well as the potential improvements, and scaling quickly, drawing from an international skills base.

Our Process Engineering Framework is aimed at application within the operational areas with the Operational Owners as key stakeholders, thereby achieving the following:

 – Operational processes focused on the end customer and stakeholder value add
 – Seamless End-to-end processing and elimination of sub-optimization
 – Operational processes supported by relevant and effective metrics